Event Music

We provide music for many sports including football, rugby, netball, basketball and running events. This includes the following...

Professional Music Software Playback with ProDub DJ Licence
Team/Player Entrance music
Scoring music/stings (goals, tries, baskets, points)
Warm-up music
National Anthems
Award Show Music
Background Music Playlists

Click here to view the playlists from Hampden Park, BT Murrayfield and Strathclyde Sirens.
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We are experienced at working closely with Events Professionals and Sports Teams when compiling playlists and playing music and National Anthems at major sports events and award ceremonies.

Many of the songs we play are provided by Shoot Music Promotions and Renegade Music giving us access to many songs before they are on general release. Our extensive music library includes Radio Edits (Clean versions) of a wide range of songs. 


To see sample playlists and to discover the songs that have been played at an event visit our Event Playlists Blog Page which we regularly update.

We also have a Spotify page where you can hear loads of great music on our selected playlists.

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Music Licencing


In almost all cases, if you use recorded music at your event you will require The Music Licence as issued by PRS and PPL.


More information is available at - https://pplprs.co.uk/business/sports-clubs-grounds-stadiums/

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